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Leadership comes in many shapes and sizes. Whether you’ve stepped into a leadership position at work or you’re looking to make a difference in your current team, there are a lot of things that you should keep in mind when becoming the best leader you can be. Below are some qualities of great leaders.

Having passion is key

Being able to know your purpose is essential to make better decisions. It can ignite a fire within you that pushes you to do more, and it can help you avoid getting stuck in a negative situation. This knowledge helps you make informed decisions and lower your team’s stress levels.

Before you start becoming a leader, you must know who you are and what your purpose is. This will allow you to develop a strong sense of purpose and make better decisions. In addition to being able to know who you are, it’s also important that you learn from others.

Know your values

Your values are the core of who you are and will not change with time. Being able to honor them is an absolute must for any leader. Most people naturally demonstrate their values through their actions.

Ask yourself about your core values. Where did they come from? What did you go through that brought you to this school of thought today? Understanding where your values come from can help you demonstrate your values more clearly to the people you work with.

Build relationships with the people you work with

According to Brené Brown’s book The Power of Vulnerability, leadership is all about relationships. Being able to connect with people on a personal level is very important, and it requires that you develop a strong sense of vulnerability. Being able to show up as an authentic and imperfect individual is also very important to be a good leader.

Be compassionate

Leaders who can inspire others through their actions are known to develop strong relationships with their team members. When they treat others with kindness, they can create a more welcoming and diverse work environment.

Leadership is a necessary skill to hone. You can do this in many ways, whether that’s through having passion, understanding and communicating your values, building relationships with the people you work with, or being compassionate. Leadership is incredibly important as various facets of this concept are not only important in the present but are also proving to be very important in the future.

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